How to Avoid Expensive Trailer Repairs

In general, truck owners usually forget how important trailers are to keep businesses running successfully. And, when it comes to repairs, trailers are the most commonly neglected part of trucks. As a result, trailer issues can cause breakdowns, unwanted downtime, and costly trailer repairs.

But, the good thing is that such expensive trailer repairs and issues that can seriously affect your business can be avoided completely. Truck and Earth is one of the best Brisbane truck mechanics company able to meet all your mechanical needs from minor servicing to major component rebuilds. And, of course, their truck repairs specialists can also help you with trailer repairs and maintenance.

Therefore, Truck and Earth has come up with the following tips on how to maintain your trailer to avoid costly trailer repairs. And remember, prevention is always better than cure!

Top 3 Tips to Maintain Truck Trailers

1. Regular Maintenance and Inspection

There is no better way to prevent trailer repairs and truck repairs in general than performing regular maintenance and inspections. To maintain optimal trailer health, your truck mechanics, should perform regular inspections and provide you with a service schedule that you should follow. An experienced truck repairs mechanic should be able to create a check program, either weekly or daily or even both, so that you know which areas of your trailer are next on the list for maintenance and inspection.

2. Keeping Records of Strange Occurrences

As a truck driver, you are probably driving thousands of kilometers. So, it’s nearly impossible to remember everything that happens while on the road, whether it is a noise, a feeling, or something similar. This seems like a trivial thing to do, but, keeping records of such occurrences can help you avoid expensive truck and trailer repairs. Once you have these written down, you will be able to mention them to your truck repairs mechanic at your next inspection and it might help them get to the issue faster.

3. Understanding Compliance and Legislation

Last but definitely not least, in order to maintain your trailer properly and avoid trailer repairs you should know the legislation and compliance regulation that apply to your trailer. Also, make sure that your truck repair mechanic knows them too. Luckily, the highly professional and experienced specialists at Truck and Earth know them all. Hence, together you can ensure your trailer is in compliance with the law to keep your truck operating safely on the road, at all times.

The bottom line, avoiding expensive trailer repairs requires three simple steps: regular maintenance and inspections, keeping records of strange occurrences, and understanding compliance and legislation. And obviously, you have to let professionals take care of your truck and trailer. To do so, contact Truck and Earth today and ensure you get the best services for the most affordable prices.


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