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Heavy haulage vehicles need to operate continuously for long periods of time and must travel huge distances, so effective and reliable cooling systems are essential for efficiency in your business. The logistics of transporting goods also means that vehicle downtime needs to be kept to the absolute minimum.

At NATRAD Beaudesert, we supply OEM replacement cores along with upgraded aftermarket options designed to suit the Australian climate and road conditions. re subjected to extreme heat and stresses from thermal expansion and vibration, which overtime lead to failure at the header plate joint. For long service life, improved performance and maximum strength and durability, we recommend ADFUSE ULTRA-T welded cores. At Natrad Beaudesert, we provide:


Our radiator specialists will assess the condition of your car’s radiator and cooling system. Sometimes all a radiator needs is a good clean out to restore your vehicle’s cooling performance.

If any issues are diagnosed, we’ll determine whether your car’s radiator needs replacing or repairing before work commences on it.
We offer free cooling system checks and our parts and workmanship are covered by a nationwide warranty.


EGR cooler and intercooler core parts play a vital role in cooling down your vehicle’s engine. EGR valves regulate exhaust emissions coming. Intercooler cores are designed to reduce the temperature of hot air before it reaches your engine’s combustion chamber.


Truck and Earth Group/Natrad for all your car, ute, van, 4WD, truck, bus, and heavy equipment air conditioning repairs.
Living in the beautiful northern NSW or SE Qld area is great, but there can be drawbacks. One of the worst of these is being out on site, working under the blazing sun and having the air conditioning in your heavy vehicle not working properly, or breaking down! Don’t let it get to that – contact Truck and Earth/Natrad today and we can meet you on site or at our workshop to discuss regular maintenance and servicing of your vehicles.

When YOU NEED top-notch MECHANICAL serviceS, Truck and Earth Group is the place to call.

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