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Truck and Earth Group should be your go to company for all professional, economical earth moving repairs for your earth moving company. Our experienced technician can meet you on site, or attend to a breakdown 24/7 anywhere from Northern NSW, through the whole SE Qld region. If you need someone to provide urgent earth moving repairs, if your equipment has broken down and you need it going fast, call Truck and Earth Group and our diesel mechanic will get your earth moving machine running again promptly, and economically.

Truck and Earth Group are able to maintain all of your earth moving equipment if required; expertly and regularly, to ensure your deadlines are not missed. You will lose less time, with your equipment being serviced regularly on-site, in a prompt and professional manner by experts in the industry.No more running around trying to find someone to do a quick earth moving repair to get your equipment running again, call Truck and Earth today and our heavy vehicle mechanics can put a service schedule in place for all of your earth moving equipment. Truck and Earth provides a full range of earth moving repairs, vehicle maintenance services, and 24/7 emergency repairs.We repair and service all of your earth moving equipment from Northern NSW, throughout SE Qld. Our services include:

Tracks – Our technicians can remove and replace tracks, track plates, pins, idlers, drive sprockets etc Engines & Drive-lines – repaired or serviced as necessary
Diesel Hydraulics – Our mobile mechanic can perform onsite hose, pump and cylinder replacements and our fully equipped mobile workshops are able to perform diagnosis.

Truck and Earth Group provide a broad range of hydraulic repair services and earth moving repairs on-site, and our aim is to get your machinery going again fast, and to keep your earth moving equipment in top condition. Whether you are after emergency onsite earth moving repairs or regular maintenance, Truck and Earth are the professionals to call.


At Truck and Earth, we are able to take care of all your servicing requirements for truck and trailers — whether it be on-site or in our workshop. Regular servicing and maintenance are essential for the reliability and longevity of your truck or fleet vehicles
We can customise our services to your requirements — whether you require a basic service or are looking for an extensive and highly detailed major service. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) servicing is also available.


Truck and Earth Group has a fast breakdown service. Just call our central number and one of our qualified technicians will get you back on the road 24/7. We can also arrange towing services for light to heavy commercial vehicles if required.
In the event that your vehicle needs repairs and service after a breakdown, we will make sure everything is completed effectively and efficiently. We understand how important it is to get back on the road. Give us a call today on 18000BREAKDOWN to get started with our experienced staff.

ECU Remapping

ECU remapping tuning, also known as tuning or chipping involves altering the standard parameters in your factory ECU. This is done by reading out the factory software and modifying its tables using highly specialized software. We then write the software back into your ECU with the changes made. We always keep a copy of your factory ECU file so we can revert back to the factory program at anytime should this be required.

What is altered?

A variety of parameters can be changed and fine-tuned to achieve the result ‘you’ require. We can change fuelling, injection settings, torque limits and targets, boost pressure and a host of other specifications. What we change really does depend on your specific requirements for the machine. Agri Tune will not just raise settings in the ECU file, instead each one is calibrated in details to achieve the desired result. Even the smallest of changes can result in significant gains in performance or fuel savings.

AIS Inspection Station

Truck and Earth Group is an approved inspection station (AIS) workshop approved by the QLD Department of Transport for the purpose of issuing safety certificates and certificates of inspection. Vehicles are inspected by an approved examiner (AE) who has been accredited by the Department of Transport and Main Roads under the provisions of the Transport Operations (Road Use Management – Accreditation and Other Provisions) Regulation 2005.

HVRAS Inspections

The Heavy Vehicle Registration Assessment Scheme (HVRAS) accredits persons to inspect and measure motor vehicles more than 4.5 tonnes (GVM) and trailers more than 750kg (ATM) prior to registration in the state of Queensland.
This is to ensure that these vehicles comply with:

  • Dimensional requirements
  • Approved load sharing axle systems
  • Safe tyre limits
  • Display of correct compliance and modification plates
  • Vehicle identifiers (engine number, VIN, chassis number) etc

If you have a HEAVY vehicle that needs to be registered in Queensland


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