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“Daryl and the Team at Truck and Earth are our first call for all our mechanical needs, we have been working with them since opening our Queensland Yard and they have repeatedly gone above and beyond in fulfilling our needs, whether it is working around our Hours for Servicing or having someone on-site quickly for breakdowns, nothing is too much trouble. “

Adam Mason
Malec Brothers Transport

"We have been working with Truck and Earth for quite some time now and I find them to be quite compatible with there rates and willing to go out of there way to provide a service at any time of the day or night. Truck and Earth staff fully understand my needs and have a good knowledge of my machinery from trucks to turf harvesters and tractors."

Justin King
Allenview Turf

"The Truck and Earth Team have shown themselves to be a reliable service provider with a can do attitude, they have provided prompt road side assistance to keep our trucks moving, from rebuilding trailers to fitting light bulbs, no job has been to big or too small. I would have no hesitations in recommending Truck and Earth to other Transport providers."

Clint James
Harvest Co Propriety Limited

"As a local business owner, I always whenever possible support other local businesses. Since Truck & Earth started in Beaudesert, I haven’t had the need to go out of town for any mechanical work. They have become a one stop shop for me for everything from major engine work on trucks, on farm tractor and dozer repairs, servicing cars and auto electrical work. Management and staff are always friendly and endeavour to solve my problems as quickly as possible."

Cameron Coutts
Moovin Stock

"Daryl and Team, Thank you so much for your help in diagnosing the issues with our vehicle and performing the fix professionally. We have had our 2nd hand 150 series Prado for 3 years and noticed it using a lot of oil and it had blow-back through the oil catch can. Enough that it the catch can was overfilling in a 6 month period between services and there was enough blow back pressure that it was leaking oil through the top of the catch can. You and your team listened to us explain our symptoms and explain what happens on the odd (irregular)day it started up with puff of smoke. We were looking at trading the vehicle and potentially losing thousands on a trade, as we had been told by our normal mechanic that it could be a ring, valve or piston that had failed and we would be up for a complete engine rebuild or replacement and it was best to get rid of it. You and your team diagnosed correctly from our explanation of our symptoms, that it was faulty injectors and failed injector seals. This accurate diagnosis saved us money on compression tests and other exploration tests to find the problem. Yes our injector on 2 failed and there were leaks around injector 1 and 3. Furthermore you discovered that there were missing bolts on the tappet cover, injector hold rubbers and clamp missing, and that the injector lines had been bent by previous mechanics taking short cuts to look at issues. You also took steps to ensure the sump and oil pick up were free of sludge from the blow back, and have ensured we won’t have future issues. We have our vehicle back and could not be happier with your team, your professionalism and our vehicle that is driving like new. Yes the repair cost us money, but it could have cost us significantly more in tests alone before repairs. I have no hesitation in recommending Truck and Earth to anyone."

Ben Heilbronn


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