Is Your Mechanic Ripping You Off? 4 of the Most Common Tricks Used by Dodgy Truck Mechanics

Unfortunately, there are still some dodgy truck mechanics that only look for ways to rip off their customers, and these people will probably always exist. Some mechanics simply don’t know their job properly which leads to misdiagnosing problems and of course costly truck repairs.

However, not all truck mechanics are untrustworthy. Indeed, Truck and Earth is one of the most reliable, professional, and experienced Brisbane truck mechanic companies. Therefore, to help you avoid dodgy truck mechanics, they have come up with the following tips on how to recognise them and thus save your money.

So, here are the four most commonly used tricks used by dodgy truck mechanics:

4 Tricks Used by Dodgy Truck Mechanics

1. Charging for Services they don’t Perform

The most common trick in the mechanic book is charging for parts not replaced and labour not performed. So, if you still experience issues with your truck or need more repairs even after a major service was allegedly performed, then you’re probably being ripped off by your mechanic.

2. Bringing forward Part Replacements Unnecessarily

There is no doubt that you will have to replace many parts in your truck due to the number of kilometers driven or simply due to time. Yet, a well-experienced truck mechanic should know the right time when to perform these replacements and not bring them forward just to get extra money from you.

3. Create Truck Repairs that Don’t Exist

Creating phantom truck repairs is probably the dodgiest trick out of these four. In other words, if your truck mechanics want to upsell you, they will charge you extra for some phantom repairs created out of thin air. And, what’s even more annoying, they actually don’t do any work for the extra money they get.

4. Advertise a Cheap Truck Service

The truck mechanics industry is really competitive. Thus, dodgy truck mechanics will try to lure you in their workshop offering extremely cheap services. But, then they will soon upsell you several things you don’t need and not perform a thorough service.

How to Avoid Dodgy Truck Mechanics?

Luckily, once you know the most common tricks, you can make sure you avoid them by following some simple rules.

Here’s how you can figure out if you are getting ripped off by your truck mechanics:

  1. Learn how to find a good truck mechanics
  2. Follow your maintenance schedule regularly
  3. Ask for written evidence of services performed
  4. Keep records and a truck maintenance journal
  5. Insist you get your replaced parts
  6. Ask questions and seek a second opinion if needed
  7. If you are getting services, but your truck is still experiencing issues, find another mechanic.

To ensure you get the best service and a trustworthy truck mechanic, contact Truck and Earth today! At Truck and Earth, you get quality truck repairs at reasonable prices!

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