The Top 5 Common Diesel Truck Repairs

If you are a trucking business owner you probably know that diesel trucks are the most commonly used trucks for this type of business. Also, if you run a diesel truck you must know that diesel trucks aren’t invincible.

Like every vehicle, they also come with typical engine problems. Hence, you should know the common diesel truck repairs because if the engine isn’t serviced properly it can potentially destroy the entire machine.

Therefore, to keep your business running you need to address truck repairs promptly. To do so, you should look no further than Truck and Earth – the number one diesel truck mechanics and truck repairs Brisbane based company.

We at Truck and Earth know the most common truck repairs. Here’s what you should watch for:

Oil Issues

If a diesel truck stands still for too long, operates infrequently, or remains in the garage between seasons, it will become prone to suffer from oxidized oil. This means that air gets into the oil and creates bubbles that keep the oil separate from the working surfaces. Eventually, this leads to a damaged engine because the metal gets worn if it isn’t properly lubricated.

Humidity Reactions

Unfortunately, the air isn’t the only element that can lead to truck repairs and issues. The truth is that water can also harm the engine by also contaminating the lubricant. And, similar to oxidized oil, if a truck sits for too long, especially in a humid area, water will attack the additives, increase oxidation, and cause the engine to knock.

Black Exhaust

Here’s the issue most diesel truck drivers and those driving behind them are familiar with. The truth is that, in general, diesel trucks exhibit more smoke, sometimes with an unpleasant odor. This exhaust is usually caused by an imbalanced air to fuel ratio: too much fuel and not enough air. And, this lack of proportion is usually a result of a faulty injector, air filter, injector pump, EGR valve, or turbocharger.

Lack of Power

Here’s yet another fuel-related issue diesel trucks suffer from. Lack of power is probably one of the most annoying issues diesel truck drivers experience. It is quite noticeable when starting or accelerating the truck. And, it occurs due to loose throttle linkage, dirty fuel filters, fuel injector issues, or excessive lubrication.

Defective Glow Plug

Last but not least, a defective glow plug is also on the list of common diesel truck repairs. Since the cylinders in diesel engines don’t have spark plugs, they rely on glow plugs to ignite the fuel and air mixture through a highly resistant heating element, like the ones in a toaster or stove coil. So, starting the engine, particularly in winter or cold weather, is practically impossible if the glow plug goes bad. So, if you run a diesel truck, don’t hesitate - contact Truck and Earth – the best truck mechanics and truck repairs in the area.

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