What are the Most Common Causes of Truck Breakdowns?

The truth is, every trucking business owner knows how serious the situation could be if a truck hauling loads of cargo gets stuck on the side of the road with a major issue. Luckily, while some breakdowns may be a result of a mechanical error, many can be caught early and thus prevented.

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Now, let’s have a closer look at what the top three causes of truck breakdowns are:

  1. Tires

The number one on the list of leading causes of truck breakdowns is tire issues. If they are not provided with the necessary amount of preventative attention and care, they can be quite dangerous to the truck drivers. But, that’s not all! Bad tires are also dangerous to other vehicles on the road. And, the most common issues regarding tires are air leaks and under-inflation.

Namely, if a tire is under-inflated, it can cause an excessive amount of heat within the sidewall of the tire. And, if a tire has a low tread depth it can weaken and become more susceptible to punctures. Hence, we can agree that the best thing to do is call Truck and Earth and have your tires inspected.

  1. Electrical Problems

Next on the list are issues linked to the electrical system of the truck which consists of a starter motor, an alternator, and a battery. In general, if any of the components of the electrical system breaks down and starts to malfunction, the entire system will fail. To be more specific, when it comes to trucks, the most common issues regarding the electrical system are corroded connections, dead batteries, clicking sounds, dim lights, and strange smells. All of these are signs that there’s something wrong with the electrical system.

  1. Brakes

Break issues come third on the list of most common causes of truck breakdowns. The disc and brake drums of the truck are constantly exposed to heat, along with pressure and friction, since the truck is on the road every day. Hence, this constant exposure will result in wearing down quickly. Unfortunately, without proper and frequent inspection and maintenance, breaks may fail and lead to serious accidents. And, tear, corrosion, air leaks, or external wear, are the most common causes of brake issues.

So, what can you, as a truck driver or trucking business owner, to prevent truck breakdowns? Indeed, the most effective way to do so is to implement regular inspections and maintenance plans, preferably at the number one truck mechanics workshop – Truck and Earth.


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