Welcome to Truck and Earth

If you are looking for a reliable company for truck repairs in Brisbane, then Truck and Earth is one of the best options for you. One of our biggest advantages is that we have expanded our bouquet of services much beyond truck repairs. We are a family company that holds traditional business values dear. We prefer to hire local people as much as possible. This is our humble attempt to give back to our community which has given us so much. Our headquarters are located in Beaudesert, however we service all areas in and around Brisbane.

Truck and Trailer

This is what we started out with, and over the years we have built up a strong team of very experienced truck mechanics in Brisbane. Our truck mechanics can take care of minor repairs and routine servicing, of course. But they also have proven expertise in several other areas. Some examples are fabrication, engine rebuilds, and new equipment commissioning. You can use our services for pre-purchase and pre-machinery inspections. We also provide complete diagnostic services for your trucks and trailers. This comes along with certified defect clearances. We have added earthmoving repairs and services under our Truck and Trailer portfolio. The advantage we provide, is that our services ensure minimum downtime for your trucks, trailers, or earth moving equipment.

Cooling Systems

The heavy equipment and machinery we mentioned above have one very difficult characteristic; it generates a lot of heat within itself and the surroundings. This is why we pay special attention to cooling systems for your huge machines. This ensures that whatever your business may be, it suffers minimum losses due to breakdowns. Our services include radiator core replacements, radiator servicing, and radiator overhauls. Our mobile truck mechanics in Brisbane recognise the fine line between maintenance and replacement – both of these have cost and longevity implications. Our team will work with you to assess the best cooling solution for you (by repairing or by replacing), and providing their expert recommendations.

Other Services

Truck and Earth is certified to carry out mandatory inspections. Two examples are the AIS workshop recognition and HVRAS accreditation. These are necessary if you operate heavy equipment in the state of Queensland. We can get your ECU remapping done as well, in line with the approved software of the respective company.

Final Thoughts:

We do appreciate the fact that individuals and companies who run heavy equipment run a lot of risks so the right preventive maintenance and breakdown services are their lifeline. Whether it is standard mobile truck repairs in Brisbane you need or something more specialised, you can’t choose better than Truck and Earth.

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