Tips for Maintaining Earth Moving Equipment Year-Round

It goes without saying that improper maintenance of your earth moving equipment will not only shorten the lifespan but also cause frequent breakdowns, impede operations, require expensive repairs, and increase worker injury rates. Hence, regular maintenance of your earth moving equipment must be the number one priority for your company.

Luckily, Truck and Earth Group can maintain all of your earth moving equipment if required; expertly and regularly, to ensure your deadlines are not missed. You will lose less time, with your equipment being serviced regularly on-site, promptly and professionally by experts in the industry. Plus, our heavy vehicle mechanics can also put a service schedule in place for all of your earth moving equipment.

Now that you know Truck & Earth is the go-to company for all professional, economical earth moving repairs for your earth moving company, let’s have a look at some basic maintenance tips to keep your earth moving equipment maintained year-round.

Tips for Maintaining Earth Moving Equipment Year-Round

  1. Follow a Maintenance Schedule

First and foremost, keeping your earth moving machinery in great condition requires frequent inspection and repair. And, as we already mentioned, Truck and Earth can put a maintenance schedule in place for you to follow considering each part of the machinery separately and how often should they be inspected for issues, repaired, or maintained. Following a maintenance schedule will help you extend the lifespan of your machinery and improve performance.

  1. Keep Earth Moving Machinery Lubricated

If your earth moving equipment and its moving parts aren’t properly lubricated they will soon malfunction and get damaged as a result of friction. So, to prevent wear and tear you must keep your earth moving machinery well-lubricated regularly. What’s more, you can choose to use lubricants that can also protect your equipment against debris and dust. But, make sure you contact professional mechanics, since using the correct type and amount of lubricant differs from machine to machine.

  1. Keep Your Earth Moving Equipment Clean

Last but not least, you must keep your earth moving equipment clean if you want to keep operations smooth. Namely, earth moving equipment parts are fitted with unique seals and filters to avoid dirt and dust build-up which can seriously damage some of the essential parts of heavy machinery that can lead to highly expensive repairs. So, your mechanics must inspect and change them regularly to avoid other significant damages down the line.

To conclude, no more running around trying to find someone to do quick earth moving repairs to get your equipment running again. Truck and Earth provides a full range of earth moving repairs, vehicle maintenance services, and 24/7 emergency repairs. We repair and service all of your earth moving equipment from Northern NSW, throughout SE Qld.

Don’t hesitate and call Truck & Earth today!

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