6 Most Common Causes for Truck Breakdowns

There are many reasons for a truck breakdown. A breakdown may prove to be a costly affair and it may cause a huge impact on your business. When you operate a truck, you can face issues unexpectedly. And, if you are not aware of the major reasons for the truck breakdown, you cannot prepare yourself to deal with them effectively.

You can contact leading professionals available at mobile truck repairs Stapylton to resolve serious problem. But, when you have knowledge of these reasons, you can work to prevent this issue. Given below are some of the leading causes of truck breakdowns:

1. Old Tyres

As an experienced truck operator, it is imperative for you to remain thoroughly aware of these vital pieces of rubber. After all, the entire truck is dependent on the tyres and they must be in sound shape so that the vehicle runs smoothly. Additionally, tyres are a vital part of your vehicle that can keep your vehicle stuck to the road. Old tyres have emerged a major cause of truck breakdowns. The tyre maintenance schedule of the truck should be clear and have set procedures for it. When you follow the schedule and keep your tyres in good working order, you will notice a significant reduction in tyre failures. With the presence of a good maintenance plan, you will not face as many truck breakdowns on the road. Get in touch with mobile trailer repairs Stapylton to eliminate such woes.

2. Poor Maintenance

This has emerged as one of the major causes of truck breakdown. Poor and inadequate maintenance will often lead to this situation. You should follow a thorough maintenance plan for your truck so that the problems can be avoided. Delays will often turn a small issue into a major problem.

3. Electrical Issues

You may witness some electrical faults in your truck and this has emerged another cause for truck breakdowns.

4. Faulty Brakes

The brakes of trucks undergo constant heat, friction, and pressure. In the long run, they may wear down in the absence of appropriate maintenance. Your truck often pulls massive weight around and it may become a huge strain for the vehicle’s mechanical component. It then becomes necessary to contact truck repairs Stapylton so that the professionals can spot the issue and resolve it timely. Timely resolution of an issue will definitely help you find a long-lasting solution and will prevent it from becoming a major problem.

5. Fuel Systems:

Contaminated fuel lines and faulty gauges can also lead to truck breakdowns. However, you can reduce the problem with timely and effective maintenance.

6. Cooling Systems:

Bad physical connections and corrosion in cooling systems have emerged as the major factors of truck breakdowns. The problem arises as a result of coolant loss.


Any of the above could cause a truck breakdown. When you have knowledge of these factors, you will be able to take preventive measures to avoid that fate. But, if it does happen, you can contact trailer repairs Stapylton and get the problem resolved. Never delay regular servicing and repair as these issues may snowball into a big problem that can be expensive to resolve.

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